The only thing worse than having to fill in a lot of paperwork is the problems caused by dragging it out and leaving it for later. Reports need to be completed and filed in a timely manner, from services to Health and Safety requirements. Shepherd CMMS’ combination of mobile form-filling and reminders makes that process as painless as it can be.

When the list of jobs and orders is growing, it is natural for technicians to do what they trained for: get your customers’ equipment serviced and working as quickly as possible and so the paperwork that follows each job can occasionally get put aside for completion later. 

All the same, the admin side is important to your own inventory and billing departments, for example. In order to help avoid documentation getting overlooked, Shepherd now provides a notifications feature to help technicians keep a clear overview of their tasks.  After all, the efficiency of the order completion process to no small degree depends on the technician’s completing the necessary reports.

How the Shepherd mobile app can help

With Shepherd CMMS’ mobile app, they are already able to fill-in reports anywhere and at any time. They don’t need to return to base to do their paperwork, or even do it during working hours. But for things to still work at the proper pace, Shepherd has introduced a notification regime designed to gently remind technicians to complete their reporting, where needed. The push notifications also alert a technician to any new Service Orders that have been allocated to them. Upon start-up of the mobile app, Shepherd offers an optional reminders window showing the user a summary of all open items that require attention, accessible through the “bell” icon.

Navigating within the application, Shepherd also counts any new elements in any of the standard or custom queues listed as an option for filtering service orders:

In addition, the Shepherd CMMS mobile app also reminds the technician of any new service order assignments next to the “bell” on the applications header. Each notification is of course a link that takes the user to the cited service order as well. The “bell” can be used at any time to have an overview of what is pending.

Contact Shepherd for more information how you can use mobile app notifications in your operations.

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