Built for Health, Safety and Wellness

Shepherd HS&W module delivers uniformity, accountability and control.

  • Reduce Injuries

    Ensure your team is wearing appropriate PPE.

  • Lower Costs

    Individuals who own their H&S cause fewer accidents & lawsuits as well as less downtime.

  • Eliminate Paper

    Cloud-based systems make for uniform HS&W management, versioning and permanent storage.

Create Guidance

Prerequisite Forms on the Mobile App

Build custom prerequisite forms for your technicians to complete before they start service work. Prerequisite forms require management's approval before moving on to service order completion.

  • Create lock out tagout forms and save for each job
  • Ensure technicicans are wearing aprropriate PPE
  • Create custom safety checklists to be completed before each job
  • Create required tool list checks for completion before your techs depart for site
Shepherd CMMS mobile app - Health, Safety and Wellness
Ensure Compatibility

HS&W Certifications and Records

Impose cloud-based H&S controls on all teams, at all times, whether manager are present or not. Make your team accountable for their own health and safety by signing-off on it.

  • Build a library of HS&W certifications
  • Build an inventory of PPE and assign to your technicians for each job
  • Record and assign safety certifications to technicians
  • Store vendor HS&W certifications
  • Create reminders and automated warnings for certification expirations
Enable Control

Risk Assesment Management

Service-specific risk assesment management quizzes with randomized questions ensure tech awareness, comprehension and competence.

  • Cloud-based systems make for uniform RAMS management, versioning, permanent storage and accountability
  • Alert managers to TWOSA, RAMS and safety certification expiration in advance
  • Complete and record review and debrief checklists
  • Mandate and record technician signatures on each form
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