Texas Motive

Texas Motive Solutions and Shepherd: Enhancing Efficiency and Reliability

Industry: Lifting Equipment
Location: Texas, U.S.A.


Founded in 2018 by Evin and Justin Sisemore, Texas Motive Solutions is a distributor and service provider of forklift batteries, chargers, and accessories, with locations in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio, Texas. Serving a wide range of businesses, including logistics and warehousing companies, their service staff of 25 handle service calls and troubleshooting tasks across Texas. With approximately 500 service calls per month, Texas Motive Solutions plays a crucial role as a trusted business partner for their customers.

Challenges faced and solution selection process

Before implementing Shepherd CMMS, Texas Motive Solutions encountered various challenges in their service operations. These included the need for streamlined communication, reliable reporting capabilities, and improved coordination among technicians, customer service representatives, and sales teams. Seeking a comprehensive solution to address these pain points, the company evaluated several options and ultimately chose Shepherd CMMS. The complexity and versatility of the Shepherd CMMS Module presented a unique challenge during the selection process.

Streamlining operations and enhancing competitiveness

Once implemented, Shepherd CMMS proved to be extremely useful. The company experienced significant improvements in efficiency, reliability, and reporting capabilities. Texas Motive Solutions’ Director of Operations, Mark Dozier, highlights the following benefits of adopting Shepherd CMMS:

  • Streamlined communication. Shepherd CMMS eliminated the need for extensive phone calls, emails, and text messages by providing a centralized platform for dispatching technicians and conveying job details. This streamlined communication process improved coordination and reduced the workload for customer service representatives.

Shepherd CMMS allowed us to streamline communication by providing a centralized platform for dispatching technicians. We no longer needed to rely on phone calls and emails, which improved coordination and reduced the workload for our customer service representatives.

  • Reliable reporting. Shepherd CMMS offered robust reporting features that empowered Texas Motive Solutions to generate comprehensive service reports for their customers. The ability to customize these reports according to specific requirements proved invaluable. Furthermore, automated triggers ensured that the reports reached the intended recipients promptly, enhancing customer satisfaction.

The reliability and the reporting that Shepherd CMMS gave us were a huge step up.

  • Versatility and flexibility. Shepherd CMMS impressed the team at Texas Motive Solutions with its flexibility and adaptability. The software allowed them to incorporate checklists, ensuring that technicians followed specific protocols during service visits. This feature enabled the company to standardize processes, capture necessary information, and maintain consistency in their service delivery.
  • Data visibility and analysis. Shepherd CMMS provided Texas Motive Solutions with enhanced data visibility, allowing them to track and analyze the maintenance history of each equipment item. This data facilitated better decision-making, helped identify patterns, and supported the provision of insightful metrics to their customers.

Implementation Challenges and Support

While the implementation of Shepherd CMMS was a smooth process, Texas Motive Solutions faced significant challenges during the transition to the NetSuite ERP system, with which Shepherd CMMS integrates. The company encountered difficulties with the ERP implementation, leading to disruptions in their operations. However, the team at Shepherd stepped in to provide support, bridging the gap and ensuring a successful implementation. The collaboration between Texas Motive Solutions and Shepherd CMMS resulted in a reliable and efficient system.


Don Finnegan and the entire Shepherd team are fantastic. They really stepped up to the plate and I appreciate that.” Todd Cole, Executive Vice President & CFO

Shepherd was able to decisively contribute to Texas Motive Solutions’ process efficiency, streamlining operations, enhancing reliability, and improving service quality. Through the adoption of Shepherd CMMS, the company experienced improved communication, reliable reporting, flexibility, and data visibility.

I don’t have enough good things to say about those guys. They really took care of us.” Mark Dozier, Director of Operations