Shepherd's advanced rental module allows you to book and bill your equipment.

Build an inventory of all your rental equipment and view rental availability dates for each equipment record. Add rental equipment to NetSuite sales orders for fast and efficient billing.

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  • Streamline Rental Billing

    Add equipment rentals to Netsuite sales orders streamlining the billing process and ensuring that your rental orders are ready for billing. 

  • Rental Availability at a Glance

    Build comprehensive rental equipment lists and view rental availability dates at a glance.   Rental availability is also available as a KPI on Shepherd's customizable dashboard.   

  • Mobile Application

    Shepherd's mobile application allows your technicians to perform comprehensive QC and safety checks on your rental equipment. 


Easily associate rental items with unique equipment records

Shepherd makes it easy to add rental equipment to a Netsuite sales order. Rental equipment is then blocked from double booking during the rental period and a complete list of equipment rental availability is created and updated in real-time.

  • Prevent your staff from double booking equipment
  • See a full list of equipment available for rent on one page
  • Easily add equipment rentals to Netsuite's sales orders for fast and efficient billing
  • Link rental items directly to the equipment record
  • See full list of rental history for equipment record


Ensure your equipment is in good working condition for your rental orders

Shepherd's mobile application allows your technician to perform QC checks on rental equipment before it is sent out for a rental order. QC inspections may also be used to inspect rental equipment once it is returned from a rental order so that damage may be assessed and billed to the customer.

  • Perform quality checks for incoming and outoging equipment
  • Build comprehensive QC checklists for your technicians to assess damage
  • Build safety checklists for your rental equipment
  • Automate service order generation for damage to your rental equipment
  • Access all of these features via Shepherd's mobile app


Keep track of consumable usage and maintain the condition of your equipment

Keeping track of consumable usage is important not only to maintain the condition of your equipment but also in order to record usage of consumable items such as oil, gasoline, filters, o-rings, etc.

  • Record oil and gasoline usage
  • Assess damage to critical parts
  • Notify service department of service requirements
  • Request consumable replacements as needed

See Shepherd Cloud Maintenance Management System in Action

Shepherd CMMS leverages NetSuite CRM, sales, inventory and financials, creating a unique platform for service-oriented businesses.​

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