Timekeeping from the field and the plant floor

One app for technicians and mechanics

Shepherd allows your staff to track all time for their entire workday from the very same app they use for service and maintenance completion. For technicians, this is the same application they use for all their tasks.

Staff confirm their own time before approval for payroll

Beyond tracking time for a particular work order, your staff can now confirm their paid time per day, putting them in charge of letting payroll know themselves.

Timekeeping dashboard​

Shepherd’s dedicated dashboard lets you track your employees’ time by service order, machine, location, payroll item and other criteria, and provides you with everything you need to optimize the use of your resources.

Shepherd lets you track and handle time for invoicing, costing, and payroll, and save on extra licensing and implementation costs associated with yet another app.

Self-interest drives accurate time reporting

Since Shepherd tracks time for both invoicing and payroll in the same application, comparing records from different apps is no longer needed. All staff wish to receive a complete paycheck, and because that very same time drives invoicing and costing, technicians accelerate accounting processes from the field and the plant floor.

  • Simplifies processes
  • Makes tracking paid time accurate
  • Employees take responsibility for their own paid time reporting thanks to Shepherd’s confirm paid time function
  • Substantially reduced complexity and mistakes
  • No need to train staff on more than one application
  • Fewer integrations with other departments needed, since all information is available right within NetSuite
  • See above

One timekeeping application for all staff

Shepherd’s timekeeping application is suitable for all aspects of any business, including customer service and administration, allowing administrators to deploy it to any non-technical department as well. Its dashboard allows you to track, approve, and analyze employees’ time spent in a single place.

  • Deploy Shepherd for your timekeeping across all departments
  • Bring the number of timekeeping and payroll applications down to a single one
  • Reduce implementation time and cost across your entire organization

Reduce the number of apps your staff use

It’s far cheaper and easier to deploy one timekeeping application than it is to deploy multiple apps for different departments. Shepherd’s app is native to NetSuite and is suitable for all staff.

  • Creates native NetSuite time records
  • All time is available to NetSuite or third-party payroll
  • Confirm time feature makes staff responsible for their own time reporting
  • Time recorded in Shepherd drives costing, invoicing, profitability, and all other time dependent features in NetSuite
  • Time follows all configured NetSuite approval routing
  • Posted time hits the NetSuite GL
  • Optional GPS stamped start and end time markers enable auditing

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