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Shepherd streamlines operations for Azolver: Europe’s postal machine market leader.
Azolver needed a solution for efficient, straightforward management of equipment maintenance and servicing. It had additional requirements for invoicing and other Human Resources processes. Azolver recognised Shepherd as the best pick thanks to Shepherd’s flexibility: the end result needed to feel, and be, custom-made..

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Starting as they mean to go on: Brussels-based OHIS choose Netsuite and Shepherd
The founders of OHIS were sure of two things: the goods they planned to sell and that they would run the company like a modern 21st century organisation from the outset. Experience in prior jobs had taught them the importance of smooth operations and the dangers of being dependent on simplistic management solutions that would mostly likely be no longer suitable within their first year..

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Texas Motive

Texas Motive Solutions and Shepherd: Enhancing Efficiency and Reliability
Before implementing Shepherd CMMS, Texas Motive Solutions encountered various challenges in their service operations. These included the need for streamlined communication, reliable reporting capabilities, and improved coordination among technicians, customer service representatives, and sales teams. Seeking a comprehensive solution to address these pain points, the company evaluated several options and ultimately chose Shepherd CMMS. The complexity and versatility of the Shepherd CMMS Module presented a unique challenge during the selection process..

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