Your ERP in your technician’s back pocket. NetSuite native.
Field Service Management
Your ERP-native CMMS. No integrations needed. Ever.
Maintenance Management
Health, safety & wellness woven into your FSM and CMMS.
Health, Safety & Wellness
Your first choice for equipment rental. 100% NetSuite native.
Equipment Rental
Bring support, maintenance, and service together: In a single application.
Support Desk
Move your timekeeping to where your work happens.

NetSuite-native Enterprise Asset Management

Shepherd is a 100% NetSuite-native Field Service, Maintenance, Equipment rental, and Health & Safety management application.

We serve a wide range of industries around the world, and are proud to have many of the world's largest water utilities, mining operations, power plants, boiler and printing operations in the US, South America, Asia, & Europe on our client list.

Shepherd eliminates insular enterprise asset management problems, providing information, accountability, and scalability in all things related to assets, their lifecycle and maintenance.

Built for
Field Service Management
Shepherd integrates field service management with NetSuite, streamlining invoicing and inventory management for service teams and enhancing visibility across departments.
Maintenance Management
Shepherd's BFN-certified CMMS is NetSuite native, eliminating integration issues and enabling instant sharing of maintenance info across departments.
Health, Safety & Wellness
From JSA, RAMS, and PPE checks to expiration warnings and incident reports, Shepherd allows you to manage all aspects of HSW in real time through a single dashboard in a single app.
Equipment Rental
Streamline billing by adding rentals to NetSuite orders, view asset availability on Shepherd's dashboard, and conduct QC checks on-the-go with Shepherd's mobile app.
Support Desk
Shepherd combines support, maintenance, and service in one app, allows easy delegation, and offers a dashboard for real-time data and resource optimization.
Timekeeping in a single app: beyond time tracked for a particular work order, your staff can now confirm their paid time per day, putting them in charge of reporting it themselves.

Zero integrations, zero compromises: Shepherd is 100% NetSuite native.

The advantages of being
NetSuite native

One database, one platform, one user experience and one set of analytics. Granular scalability, reliability, redundancy/backup, security​ included and no clumsy external application data synchronization or import required. Shepherd’s NetSuite-native EAM solution works completely without third-party integrations.

Shepherd’s first rule of design is to never duplicate, but only add or enhance NetSuite functionality.

Interwoven EAM for NetSuite

No integrations, no separate systems, no compromises.

Constantly evolving service portfolio

Shepherd releases customer-inspired new features every month.

Lifelong updates

Shepherd keeps updating and supporting all its releases.

“Our service team is three times more efficient, and our manager has insight that was not imaginable before.”


Save time and money

Shepherd accommodates the entire bandwidth of EAM processes in a single application and doesn't require integrations, keeping costs low and processes effective.


One application

Work orders, HSW checks and certifications, support, and timekeeping all come together in a single application, further extended by a mobile app taking Shepherd's full functionality to the field and the plant floor.


Visualize processes

Shepherd provides real-time data as well as solution-specific dashboards, making it easier than ever to keep track of operations, analyze, and optimize them.

Here is what some of our customers have to say

Boosting our field service operations

Our experience with Shepherd has been extremely positive over the last two years! We have found the software to be powerful and flexible, allowing Clozzits to easily customize it to meet the specific needs of our business. Continual upgrades are increasing the usability of the system and improving our field services operations!

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Service Technicians Love the Shepherd CMMS SuiteApp!

It has been difficult for our company to find one system that handles our sales and service departments. With the addition of Shepherd CMMS SuiteApp, we were able to accomplish this with outstanding results. Our service team is three times more efficient (it has only been live for two months, so this will only increase over time), and our manager has insight that was not imaginable before. Scott has bent over backwards to get our system setup how we need it, as we are not the typical business model. I look forward to seeing our progress over the next year.

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Excellent Platform and Support from Shepherd Team

Markus and the team did an excellent job catering to our dispatching process requirements during implementation. Our technicians are much more efficient and effective using this SuiteApp. We are now able to turn quotes and invoices around much faster by going paperless. We highly recommend Shepherd CMMS.

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Great Product and Support

Don and the Team at Shepherd have been great to work with. The Shephred CMMS SuiteApp has made managing our rental fleet more straightforward and cheaper, allowing us to see where our money's going without getting lost in all the details.

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Customers around the world using Shepherd’s EAM suite

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