Field Service Management

Your ERP in your technician’s back pocket

NetSuite-native Field Service Management

No more insular field service management software for your service department. Shepherd brings your service team into the fold just the same as all other departments. Data lives where everyone can see it.

Field time entry and material usage automate invoicing​

Technicians accelerate invoicing from the field and the depot as they record and inventory consumption, which feeds into billing at rates agreed at the customer and contract level.

Field and mobile inventory management

Shepherd extends NetSuite warehouse management to the field modeling all vans, trucks, and workbenches as decentralized inventory stores from which technicians may record parts usage and against which NetSuite performs demand planning.

Shepherd lets both the manager in headquarters and the technician in the field access your EAM with ease.

Planner board: understand your service day at a distance or at a glance

Drag and drop scheduling with blocks and suggestions that include availability, skills, and location.  The Shepherd Planner Board replaces Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar for entire service departments as it allows for the booking of service and non-service events, holiday, and PTO.

  • Technician, crew, and calendar mode
  • Many views with configurable time horizons: hour, day, week, month, quarter..
  • Bi-directional push notifications: the app informs the Planner Board and vice versa without the need to refresh
  • Easily configure the fields that appear and their order to make the Planner Board your own
  • Color-coded tiles identify service order status and/or assigned technician
  • Modelled-out resource plans identify technician and asset availability
  • Capacity modeling for both technicians and machinery
  • View technician’s real-time location

Service contacts model both reactive and planned service as well as billing rules for time and material

Sell a pump with a service contract to include break/fixes at specified labor rates with part included at full price or at a discount. Specify that travel time follows different billing rules than labor time. Denominate contract duration in days, visits, or hours. Apple labor rate multipliers for war or hazardous zones.

  • Define rates and discounts by labor item
  • Build independent travel billing rules
  • Discount or fully include material
  • Program planned visits in addition to reactive service
  • Model expense billing rules
  • Report on contract billing profitability

Extend NetSuite with Android and iOS native mobile applications

Shepherd offers the only maintenance and service application on the Android and iOS platform. Native to iOS and Android means acceleration meaning that your technical staff may breeze through pages without waiting for server responses. Nativity to mobile OS also allows for eash and centralized MDM management, which includes SSO.

  • GPS timestamping of service milestones as well as technician location
  • Push notifications for instant communication between the tech in the field and the planner in the office
  • Capture scripted and discretionary photos
  • View O&M, troubleshooting guides, and other maintenance documents from the field
  • Perform field inspection and create service orders at wil
  • Chat back and forth with service management
  • Customer signatures, report on asset condition, take equipment readings and photos
  • Report sales opportunities (a native NetSuite feature) from the field
  • Transfer or accept parts and check parts availability from the field
  • Build your own service reports fields: equipment readings, drop-down menus, free text, etc.
  • Access full customer or equipment service order history from the field
  • Create new service orders in the mobile app

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