Maintenance Management

ERP-native CMMS

BFN-certified native CMMS

Shepherd has built CMMS into ERP: no approximations, no integrations, no data discrepancies, everything in the same place.

Instant interdepartmental communication and information sharing​

Shepherd makes all maintenance information instantly available to everyone who needs it: from engineering to finance to HR and health & safety.

Zero integration

Shepherd is NetSuite native: forget about third-party integrations and API-tinkering, you’ll never need it again.

Shepherd’s maintenance management module feeds directly into NetSuite: zero integration.

Planner Board: View all assets, tools, and personnel at a glance

Shepherd’s Planner Board allows for planning and execution with full know knowledge of technician, tool, and asset availability: no more scheduling overlaps, no more collisions. Shepherd plots technician availability and location as well asset & tool availability and status.

  • Drag and Drop service orders to assign jobs to field service technicians using Shepherd’s planner board
  • Select daily, weekly, monthly 6-week views:.all horizons are supported
  • Assign multiple technicians to one service order
  • Color-code service order tiles
  • Filter planner board by service zone, employee or resource group
  • View technician’s location in real-time

Schedule technicians based on availability, location, and skills

Beyond service planning and forecasting, Shepherd makes it possible to dispatch personnel not only based on location and availability, but also based on their skill and health & safety certifications, helping you avoid scheduling conflicts and keeping required records up to date.

  • Schedule technicians using Shepherd’s planner board
  • Filter by location or service zone
  • View technician and service location
  • Push service orders and scheduling updates to mobile devices
  • Full integration with health, safety and wellness module

Mobile app to instantly enter data and reduce paperwork

Shepherd runs field and depot inventory knows exactly which items are in stock and where they are. Shepherd informs maintenance managers which parts a service order requires the moment of its booking. Order what is necessary for maintenance needs into a definable horizon, nothing more.

  • GPS timestamping of service milestones as well as technicians’ location
  • Push notifications for instant communication between the tech in the field and the planner in the office
  • Capture scripted and discretionary photos
  • View O&M, troubleshooting guides, and other maintenance documents from the field
  • Perform field inspection and create service orders at wil
  • Chat back and forth with service management
  • Customer signatures, report on asset condition, take equipment readings and photos
  • Report sales opportunities (a native NetSuite feature) from the field
  • Transfer or accept parts and check parts availability from the field
  • Build your own service reports fields: equipment readings, drop-down menus, free text, and so on
  • Access full customer or equipment service order history from the field
  • Create new service orders in the mobile app

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