Built for Maintenance Management

Shepherd offers comprehensive solutions for Maintenance Management

  • Automate Order Creation

    Shepherd uses equipment usage readings to forecast future service task dates and generate service orders automatically.

  • Maintain Service History

    Shepherd's service orders record all information gathered during service visits. A complete service order history is maintained for each equipment record.

  • Manage Parts

    Transfer parts to technicians and maintain a "Checked-Out-Parts" list which show part quantities in each tech's bin.


Equipment and Asset Modelling​

Shepherd CMMS allows you to easily create equipment/asset records, build versatile service regimens and automate service order generation.

  • Model both customer and your own equipment in NS
  • Model components and sub-components
  • Build service regimes and view all service history
  • Forecast future service according to service regimes
  • Rate all assets


Service Planning and Forecasting​

Shepherd utilizes usage readings to forecast service reminders and drive future sales. Service managers can view a full service history for each piece of equipment and employ service reminders to schedule required future maintenance.

  • Shepherd forecasts when service will come due based on usage metrics and service frequency.
  • IoT integration creates various opportunities to configure unique maintenance management​ .
  • Configure Shepherd to remind or to automatically create forecast orders and plan your parts demand and resource allocation based on forecasts​.


Financial Service Reporting​

Shepherd tracks part usage and labor time records for all service orders and allocates these costs at the customer, project and equipment level.​ Service cost summary reports are available at the customer, project, equipment make/model or asset level​ and the 1:1 mapping of service item to service order ensure that billing follows each service​.

  • Record and analyze your service project profitability​
  • Analyze service time by technician​
  • Report and analyze technician profitability​
  • Report and analyze service cost and profitability by location​
Shepherd CMMS Field Service Reporting

See Shepherd Cloud Maintenance Management System in Action

Shepherd CMMS leverages NetSuite CRM, sales, inventory and financials, creating a unique platform for service-oriented businesses.​

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