ERP in your technician’s pocket

Field and plant apps read and write direct to NetSuite

Calendar, timekeeping, parts management, HS&W, case reporting, machine knowledge, and service order management in one application, one ERP. Deploy one application only for all your maintenance and service staff.

Planner Board communicates to field and plant via push

Planners back at the office receive instant communication with staff online in the field or the plant floor. No stale data and no need to refresh. Understand maintenance, service, rental, and machine status at a distance and at a glance thanks to push.

BI from the perspective of the asset or service manager

Asset, rental, and service managers may report on their department’s performance using the very same GL-impact values that NetSuite uses when it runs its own financial reporting. No estimated or surrogate calculations telling another story.

Planners in the office communicate with foremen and technicians in the field, or mechanics and engineers on the plant floor, via push messages. Communication is instantaneous and traceable for anyone with NetSuite access.

Shepherd’s mobile app is intuitive and adapts to your needs

Shepherd runs field and depot inventory knows exactly which items are in stock and where they are. Shepherd informs maintenance managers which parts a service order requires the moment of its booking. Order what is necessary for maintenance needs into a definable horizon, nothing more.

  • GPS timestamping of service milestones as well as technicians’ location
  • Push notifications for instant communication between the tech in the field and the planner in the office
  • Capture scripted and discretionary protos
  • View O&M, troubleshooting guides, and other maintenance documents from the field
  • Perform field inspection and create service orders at wil
  • Chat back and forth with service management
  • Capture customer signatures, report on asset condition, take equipment readings and photos
  • Report sales opportunities (a native NetSuite feature) from the field
  • Transfer or accept parts and check parts availability from the field
  • Build your own service reports fields: equipment readings, drop-down menus, free text, and so on
  • Access full customer or equipment service order history from the field
  • Create new service orders in the mobile app

Shepherd Planner Board

Manage technicians and mechanics, tools, and equipment all from the same application.  Operates on laptops, desktops, and on tablets.

  • Depict staff availability with resource plans
  • Schedule both individuals and teams
  • Drop service/maintenance orders on to technicians or technicians onto service/maintenance orders
  • Plot service/maintenance orders and technician location as well as routes
  • Easily configure tile content and status coloring
  • Receives and sends data updates via PUSH (refreshing is obsolete)
  • Multiple views with user-defined horizons
  • Free to use in view-only mode on, for example, a large monitor in the shop
  • Events allow for recurrence and multiple attendees
  • Schedule both service and non-service events such as holidays and employee reviews
  • Retire Outlook for the maintenance and service department
  • View machine and tool booking as well as rental commitments

Shepherd BI

A financial reporting tool from the perspectives of the asset manager, the contract administrator, and the rental manager using the same GL-impact that NetSuite uses in its own report.

  • Report on profit/loss by machine, contract, geography, individual order, and even by technician.
  • Includes time & material usage, rental revenue, contract revenue, and depreciation.
  • Easy to reorder columns
  • Hide those columns that are no relevant
  • Export to Excel
  • Save report configurations for future use
  • Restrict access based on user role
  • Capable of reporting at once over many years

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