Support Desk

Support, field service, CMMS built into NetSuite

All support functionality in a single application

Shepherd streamlines and speeds up your processes by bringing customer support, email support, internal support, maintenance, and service together in a single application. Field and plant floor also have visibilty into support activity and vice versa, and all time and material feed into the same records.

Flexibility to delegate

Delegate directly to stakeholders by creating service orders, or assign any case directly to the right manager. All data travels with the support case wherever it is sent, for a clean handoff and unified invoicing and costing.

Support Desk dashboard

Shepherd brings together your service orders, staff, searches, reports, and analytics in a single dedicated dashboard: instant data availability to better supervise and optimize your use of resources.

Shepherd eliminates manual or integrated escalation from customer or internal support.

Interwoven support and service

Since the entire support chain uses the same application, staff may track, analyze, and optimize time and tasks across the entire process: from call to dispatch to resolution.

  • Clean handovers within one and the same system
  • All data travels with the support case and is readily available to every stakeholder in the process
  • Past solutions to customer problems are easy to track and replicate
  • Agents can initiate RMAs and returns directly
  • Create a consolidated invoice for the entire process

Increased visibility and transparency

Shepherd lets you track the entire history of each support request step by step, and allows you to analyze your support processes in greater detail than ever before.

  • Make more efficient use of human resources, eg by passing support calls on to field technicians during service and maintenance downtime
  • See support activities by communication channel
  • Maximize useful time

Powerful tools for your support agents

Shepherd’s support desk module comes with the full bandwidth of communication, management, and EAM tools to enable agents to handle cases quickly and efficiently externally as well as internally.

  • Communicate with colleagues using the iternal chat function
  • Chat support
  • Easily accessible case history per customer
  • Cases can be passed off to the field with ease
  • Technicians can create cases on the shop floor, document them, and forward them to their managers

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