Effective Mission Critical Equipment Maintenance

Published on 7 月 10, 2021

Shepherd and NetSuite provide solutions for a vast array of companies.  If a company has work operations involving field service maintenance, needs Health and Safety accountability, provides rental equipment or needs to track hardware maintenance, the Shepherd CMMS solution is sure to help.  

Shepherd recently on-boarded yet another customer, with their system going live with Shepherd last week. The company has operations in both the United States and Canada and needed help with maintaining the equipment it uses to recycle lithium-ion batteries. 

In the case of this customer, any down-time for equipment means a significant impact on performance as the equipment is central to their service. As such minimising that down-time and, more importantly, having a robust maintenance plan (including the costs that result) is a key measure they need to get right. 

The maintenance requirements include reactive and preventive maintenance scenarios, as well as forecasting future service. This means, for example, managing sudden failures, scheduling routine maintenance, planning and budgeting for future servicing based on the previous servicing performed.

With Shepherd, the company can auto-schedule and dispatch the right technicians for sudden repairs or planned service and suggest parts for that specific job. For their part, the technicians have access to the Shepherd mobile application to receive those dispatches with automated, customized task lists; and they’re able to record the work performed with any necessary notes and photos. 

In practical terms this means all details that can be managed centrally, through the Shepherd CMMS solution for NetSuite. It could equipment is down in facility #2 and immediate service is required by the first available technician or a monthly inspection and tune-up is due. It could equally be a forecast is needed for how many services are required for the next two quarters; what parts will be needed and at which cost are. They are all covered by Shepherd’s solution. 

Ultimately, this maintenance history and the associated costs, as well as the notes and records, will be stored in the cloud and inside the company’s NetSuite ERP, giving our customer visibility into the health and financial burden of its mission-critical equipment. 

If your company has any of these challenges now, or in the future, be prepared with Shepherd at your side.  Contact us for information on how we can help you.