Scalable platform for service business needs

Do you have a mobile workforce working onsite? Problems with missing inventory, unbilled services and unwanted costs from lack of planning?

Shepherd CMMS - Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management

Is your business profitable, where can you get more efficiency or cut costs?

Track your hours, part usage and resource allocation. Plan, forecast and react to have most efficient business.​

One unified business management suite, encompassing ERP/Financials, CRM and e-commerce for more than 20,000 customers.​ ShepherdCMMS leverages NetSuite CRM, sales, inventory and financials creating a unique platform for service oriented businesses.​

Shepherd CMMS - Field Service Management

Field Service

Do you have mobile workforce working onsite? Problems with missing inventory, unbilled services or inefficient use of resources?​

Let your technicians follow up the tasks to fullfill and parts to use onsite in our mobile app. It is in connection with NetSuite real time or offline when no network is available.​

Let NetSuite invoice the parts and time used for the service order or include the costs to report the profitability of Your service contracts​

Shepherd CMMS - Health, Safetey and Wellness

Health, Safety and Wellness

How do you secure that the work is done safety. Are Your safety instructions up-to-date and live?​

NetSuite’s employee register serves as base for information related to Your workforce. Keep up and update skillsets, certificates, operations safety requirements and track that all work is done, recorded and is compliance to HS&W requirements in one system.

Shepherd CMMS - Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental

Do you see in real time the availability of your rental fleet? Do you inspect and maintain the equipment on field?

Asset management is in a focus when managing a rental business. Model your rental assets in NetSuite, create rental orders, bill and report. Take Your rental business to a modern, cloud based business platform that can support your operations and financials even for multi-country, multi-currency group of companies or enterprises.

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Shepherd CMMS leverages NetSuite CRM, sales, inventory and financials, creating a unique platform for service-oriented businesses.​

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