Shepherd CMMS enables you to keep track of your teams, see inventory changes in real time, bill for parts automatically, and generate reports directly in your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. It even makes scheduling easier, thanks to automatic task assignment, and even includes route optimization.

Fewer mistakes thanks to real-time inventory and automated billing

As a manager, you find it important to see where your losses are and how to avoid them. Shepherd makes it easy to track inventory and automate billing. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Your technician will use the Shepherd CMMS  mobile app to check out parts from your warehouse and into their bin. 
  • When the tech uses a part on site, they grab it from the bin and checks it out to the customer while on site. 
  • A bill is automatically created. 

Gone are the days of technicians trying to remember which parts they used on site after they have already left (maybe days later). Now, your technician uses the Shepherd app on site. Mistakes will be few and far between this way. Not only will your inventory loss be avoided, but you’ll increase revenue. Keep the parts you have, part of your herd!

Easy scheduling with automatic assignment and route optimization 

Simply enter the qualifications needed for the job, and Shepherd will populate a technician who is available. It will also use the route optimization feature to see which technician is heading that way already. That emergency phone call has turned into profit. Your customer will thank you and you’ll start to welcome the emergencies. It’s just another way to use your shepherd’s staff to lead better. The hook that pulls your customer out of the hole.

Reports generated and filed directly in your ERP system

Shepherd can help you turn micro managing into a seamless site visit. With Shepherd’s automated service reports, a technician cannot begin working or end working on site without answering a series of unique questions. This is a dream for Health, Safety and Wellness compliance and a dream for the manager, who needs to make sure their technician is actually wearing their high vis apparel on site. 

Your techs and your customer will sign off on what was done, which parts were used, and affirm that guidelines were followed. You can breathe easy knowing your customers are satisfied before your tech even gets out his keys. It’s like having a bonfire on top of a mountain and eating fine Swiss cheese and pickles after a long day, except a little different— you’re in your office, enjoying the silence of your phone not ringing with a confused customer on the line. You’ll be using the time you’ve saved to… do more important things?

Today you’re a manager, but tomorrow you could be a Shepherd manager with the gift of more time.

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