Built for Diverse Industries

Why invest in mobile field service in any business?

  • Save Maintenance Costs

    Save on maintenance costs when the application guides you to execute and track the correct work steps in field maintenance​

  • Increase Productivity

    Productivity increases as the need for work planning and travel is reduced through standardization of maintenance and repair processes and better guidance​

  • Reduce Errors

    The number of errors is reduced when double entries, incomplete checklists and bad handwriting errors are eliminated​

Shepherd CMMS for Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Management of instrument calibration, chemical dosing, normal maintenance and emergency repair are essential in the water treatment industry. With the ability to create reactive, planned and forecasted service orders, Shepherd can help you meet the  management requirements of this demanding service industry.

Shepherd CMMS for power plants


Maintenance at power plants includes inspection, calibration, preventative maintenance and emergency repair of electronic, mechanical and pneumatic equipment. HS&W, maintenance and field service management are critical to this industry. With Shepherd's CMMS solution all of these requirements can be effectively managed.

Shepherd CMMS for Solar Plants

Renewable Energy

In addition to managing normal maintenance and emergency repair, Shepherd's maintenance and field service management application can help you optimize performance, increase productivity, manage solar assets, and track global performance of solar plant installations. 

Shepherd CMMS for HVAC


Decreasing machine downtime is critical in the HVAC industry. Effective maintenance management must include service forecasting to prevent machine failures and keep your customer HVAC equipment in good operating condition. Shepherd allows you to record critical maintenance data with the mobile app as well as automatic scheduling of future service requirements.

Shepherd CMMS for Equipment Rental

Rental Equipment

Keeping track of equipment rental schedules, assessing damage, tracking usage readings, and repairing rented equipment are important requirements in the rental industry. Shepherd allows the in-house or field service technicians to record damage and usage readings; track rental availability, fuel consumption; and record quality inspection checks and planned maintenance data. These features allow our customers to decrease machine downtime and ensure the rental equipment is in good operational condition so that you can maximize billing time for each rental item.

Shepherd CMMS for Food Processing

Food Processing

Whether on the food production line or in the hospitality industry, ensuring your food production line or kitchen equipment is in good condition is essential. Shepherd's in-house maintenance module allows our customers to model each equipment record and assign planned and forecasted maintenance schedules. Minimizing machine downtime and maximizing units of production both in the factory or in your restaurant's kitchen.

Shepherd CMMS for Value-Added Resellers

Value-Added Resellers (IT)

Quick responses in solving customer service requests are a key factor of a successful IT VAR's operations. Ensure control over your support tickets and resource assignment in real time. Update parts availability per each service engineer. Never lose money by not invoicing parts used or hours spent solving customers' problems. Support your helpdesk functions by having all customer-related data in same platform.

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