Rapidly growing businesses are a sign of a successful product.  They also represent many challenges for owners and customers alike. For many new companies NetSuite and Shepherd CMMS have quickly become the natural choice for keeping up with that growth without sacrificing service or quality.

Businesses involved in renewable energy are part of this group, swiftly expanding thanks to climate change awareness and advances in technology. Many such new companies have started providing services to private households and companies alike selling and installing solar panel roofs, geotherm energy pumps and other similar systems.

Many entrepreneurs find it fairly easy to start a business but it quickly becomes very complex to manage it using only basic systems and resources. The Excel spreadsheets they used at the outset soon no longer meet the needs of the company as it evolves. Cashflow is critical for a growing company so invoicing should be easy and in real-time when the service is delivered. 

Customer experience is equally a key to success, so if you can manage your deliveries with precision, it helps you to build a reputation that sells. These are hard to deliver using a spreadsheet to oversee the company’s day-to-day operations but become second nature using Shepherd CMMS and NetSuite as an ERP combination.

The Shepherd CMMS mobile app is frequently described as easy and intuitive to use for technicians allowing them to give you a precise, updated inventory, keeping your inventory value low and releasing that money for building the business in other areas. 

Service technicians have all the information they need in their mobile device helping them log all the data needed and providing them with easy-to-navigate task overviews, task documents and resources, and work schedules. The result is a smoother running operation where technicians know, at a glance, where they have to be and what they need to do. 

Meanwhile, project management can also see what has been done, what inventory is in the field and how much has been used; long before the in-field staff return to your head office. All this is possible thanks to the seamless synchronisation of the Shepherd Mobile App and the company’s central system. 

Shepherd CMMS together with NetSuite ERP provides a single, cloud-based platform for growing your business. NetSuite’s Inventory management and financial tools, together with Shepherd’s easy scheduling for deliveries and resource allocation, makes your processes smooth and easy to manage. Compatible with Android and iOS, the system helps you to automate processes and provides you with all the information at your fingertips, wherever and  whenever you need it, saving you time and resources.  In turn this enables faster growth. 

If you are interested in how Shepherd CMMS would help your business to grow, get in touch or request a demo.

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