Shepherd offers its users many methods to identify the right machine in the mobile and the web applications.  Shepherd administrators may configure mobile search pages that prompt technicians to enter defined fields such as Customer, Rental Customer, Serial Number, etc. so that Shepherd may then locate all matches. Having presented those matches, the technician may view, edit, and create data about each machine within Shepherd. Technicians may also create and even schedule new service orders with Shepherd from the field and without the need to sign into NetSuite.

More options for modelling location

In its latest several releases, Shepherd has expanded upon its concept of equipment location. Shepherd now offers three options for modeling that location. The easiest to explain is, of course, the Equipment Address field, which will accept both a street address or a GPS address.  As covered in an earlier post, Shepherd also offers the ability to identify equipment location using its what3words location. Customers who wish to represent equipment location as its own record may do so as well. Often these records represent buildings that have their own addresses and may contain multiple machines. In other cases, these records represent arrays of a solar farm, segments in a gas pipeline, or even stages in a manufacturing plant.

Plot multiple stops whilst in the field

For customers’ whose management equipment exists over large areas, the ability to plot each machine on a map both in the browser and on the mobile device can be very useful. Technicians performing field service in a certain remote location, for example, might wish to know about all other nearby machines before packing up and heading home. For this reason, Shepherd now allows its user to search for machines by distance from the user’s location from the browser:

Shepherd CMMS Service Orders
Shepherd CMMS Equipment Search

and from with the mobile device:

Shepherd CMMS Service Orders on mobile devices

Enhancing its mobile and web applications with current location not only of the technician but of the machine opens up a myriad of opportunities to optimize routing, maximize the value of travel, reduce response time to failure, maximize equipment uptime, and attack costs.

Get in touch with our sales team through the Shepherd CMMS website to get insights on how you could make the most of Shepherd’s solutions for your operations.

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