Superior Oversight Of Your Rentals Performance With Shepherd

Published on March 7, 2022

Shepherd stands apart from other existing rental, field service and Health & Safety apps on the market by being native to the NetSuite ERP, as well as to itself.  Relative to Shepherd, their integration is primitive as it shackles and, in most cases, eliminates their access to the kind of data and transactions that Shepherd uses to create rich, complex, and far-reaching functionality.  Furthermore, no other single product offers rental, field service, maintenance management, health & safety, as well as support desk in  one single application.

The benefits of a full service solution

For the customer this means all these services are covered by one provider. The advantages for such basic things as billing or query resolution are clear. Better still is how transparent and broad the overview an organization can have of its operations, all in one place.  And all of it native to Netsuite. As such all Shepherd modules are native to themselves allowing for the kind of rich interaction that Shepherd enjoys with NetSuite.

Breadth of analysis and oversight

The image below can help illustrate the potential of being native to your NetSuite ERP. The Shepherd equipment utilization report is just one of hundreds of reports, analytics and searches that are available to you with Shepherd as part of your ERP set-up. The report, of course, exists in NetSuite and relies on a combination of scripts and searches.

This particular report includes data from NetSuite’s Fixed Asset Module, NetSuite ERP, Shepherd Rental and Shepherd maintenance management. Grouping by equipment allows the report to count rental usage by and calculates both money and time spent; all within Shepherd. Try doing that with external integrated applications whose data synchronizes on different schedules.

Know your profitability to greater degrees

The nature of the report also underscores Shepherd’s purpose: intelligent management of assets and workforce. With Shepherd you can reach each asset’s current, depreciated value as well its rental revenue over any period, you can generate a report on how well you rent, turn-around, and allocate your rental assets.

Shepherd offers many other searches, reports, and analytics as well as its own Service Intelligence tool whose use will restore or reinforce your control over your field and plant investments. Get in contact with your regional Shepherd sales manager for more information about how Shepherd CMMs can help you.

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