Integrating the Option for Tracked Delivery by Hand

Published on January 17, 2022

Often technicians headed to site will take with them delivery parts or equipment that the customer has ordered.  Why pay UPS or FedEx if the technician is headed there anyway?  NetSuite Advanced Fulfillment passes an item fulfillment through three stages:  Picked, Packed, and Shipped.  The design is meant to handle the scenario in which the user does, in fact, contract UPS or FedEx to handle, collect and then deliver the parts.

Shepherd has extended the NetSuite Advanced Fulfillment feature to its mobile application allowing the technician to not only complete the item fulfillment by advancing it through the three stages but also to create a new item fulfillment for any item already on the sales order.  When the technician does make a delivery himself, he acts as the delivery man. 

A clear paper trail as with a courier

As an item changes hands, liability also passes. For that reason, Shepherd has just introduced the ability to photograph the items at each of the three stages of fulfillment. The technician may take many photos and associate each with the Picked, the Packed, or Shipped statuses.  The technician will capture these photos on the mobile application, and Shepherd will then send them to the Item Fulfillment where any other full user may view them in the browser. The purpose of these photos will vary, but in a worst case scenario, they allow the technician and the user to prove that delivery occurred.

Likewise, Shepherd has added signature capture to each of the three fulfillment steps.  Subscribers may require, for example, that the warehouse manager sign off on the Picked status, the technician sign off on the Packed status, and the customer sign off on the Shipped status.


Fulfillment photos and signatures represent yet another way in which Shepherd extends ERP to the field. Shepherd is “Field ERP”. There is no synchronization, no integration or third-party database. Every fulfillment photo and signature will live in NetSuite alongside all your other native data. Save yourself money in shipping and encourage your technicians to deliver your parts. Ask us for information on how this applies to your operations.

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