How Shepherd makes Configuration beat Customisation

Published on May 5, 2023

NetSuite ERP has flexibility at its core and so it is little surprise that Suite partners should also offer similar adaptability to NetSuite user needs. Shepherd is no different and, in fact, makes this flexibility central to how it delivers customer satisfaction.

The key point to realize is that this flexibility does not come from lots of bespoke programming for each customer. Such a set-up might sound very impressive at first, but it is not one that is realistic nor desirable and the reasons make a lot of sense. Read on to see why.

Customisation is not the answer

Shepherd understood from the outset that customisation is not the way to deliver good service because the complications, and permutations of code become so complex, and the client-to-client variations so great, that administration to an adequate degree becomes extremely difficult. Indeed, it probably becomes impossible without operations as a whole being very expensive at the very least. And that expense would inevitably make its way back to the customer.

Instead, Shepherd achieves what feels like a tailor-made integration in a far more elegant way: configuration. Not customisation. If there are enough parameters that you can activate, or switch off, and with enough variation across enough functionalities, the combinations can be such that your company can have as slim or as rich an experience as it needs. And the fit from this standard product will feel as if it had been designed for your operations alone.

Simply a well thought-out, effective product

It is for this reason that the majority of Shepherd’s customers are able to meet all their needs (both current and future) by mere configuration of the Shepherd solution. This helps keep the costs of Shepherd down whilst delivering a service that has already set a standard others struggle to attain.

For configuration over customisation to work, the depth and breadth of possibilities have to be there from the outset and that is what Shepherd brings to the table. Depth and breadth through an intimate understanding of the needs of companies in its service sectors.

That understanding is the sum of experience and applying practical, common sense functionality that is aimed at the field service, maintenance and rental teams on the front line of your company’s business, but priced in order to suit the limitations of budgets in a demanding and challenging business environment.

The possibilities and the functionalities that are possible with Shepherd are fixed: it’s the way that those possibilities and functionalities can be manipulated, configured and optimized that create the feeling of a bespoke solution for your operations.

High service quality; affordable service subscription

Whilst other solutions on the market might offer customisations to “deliver exactly what the customer needs”, Shepherd doesn’t need to: the scope is already built into the product. All that’s needed is effective implementation to deliver a fit that is as good as any company could hope for, but with subscription costs that are significantly lower.

Top-tier functionality at a very reasonable cost. In other words, value beyond comparison. The logical extension of that is implementation time is also shorter: fitting a suit will always be quicker than making one from scratch. Quicker to achieve, less expensive to take care of and a result as good as one you could have hoped for, if not better.

If you want a CMMS solution that adapts to you, rather than you to it, as well as excellent customer support, write to Shepherd for a demo.

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