Health and Safety Management: More than just Paperwork

Published on December 28, 2022

Some of the services you provide might require different industrial certifications for employed or subcontractor technicians to be eligible for the work. Some of these certifications require documented adherence to Health and Safety (H&S) best practices. Lacking these can leave you wide open, be it in terms of State-issued licenses and approvals to liability in insurance claims. Seen in this light, what seems like just more red tape and tedious paperwork suddenly becomes very valuable and worthwhile.

Making the work easier to remember and complete

Shepherd enables H&S Prerequisite forms for the technicians to fulfill on associated services, as well as the ability to choose the required forms that may be relevant due to the weather or other changeable conditions.

The H&S form is required to be filled in before proceeding with the service orders to ensure the assigned technician is certified, confirming they understand all the possible risks that they may face in the field. This highlights one of the many advantages of using Shepherd: you can make this essential part of your paper trail a fundamental step in the delivery of your services.

As a technician is no doubt more focussed on how to solve the problem on site that they have been tasked with, a form they see each and every time may be seen as a technicality. It’s often human nature that this could easily be overlooked or postponed, particularly when the clock is ticking on deliverables. Making it a step in the process that cannot be bypassed will ensure it is given the consideration it deserves and that your company is not left vulnerable due to bad practice.

Shepherd CMMS screenshot: Service Requires Health and Safety
Service Requires Health and Safety
Shepherd CMMS screenshot: Health and Safety Form
Health and Safety Form

Part of the process by design

Answering all the required questions on the form unlocks the ability to submit it and begin the work procedures on the service order. The Prerequisite form can be both manually or automatically be approved, and answers are automatically stored within NetSuite ERP representing all the related data associated to the service order, such as the customer service was provided to, an employee working on that service, as well as serviced equipment and project if it was part of it.

These features will make it far easier for you to respond to any concerns by your clients or even external reviews in the form of audits and so on. Inspections will have the evidence they need to be sure procedure is being followed and clients will have the reassurances they may want since procedures ignored may also impact them. Health and Safety, in simple words, should mean peace of mind for the employer and employee and, with Shepherd to manage the process, it is all easy to manage and guarantee.

If your company still struggles with the paper trail of health and safety documentation, get in touch with Shepherd for a demo of what automated health and safety oversight and documentation can look like for your organization.

Shepherd CMMS screenshot: Health and Safety Form Responses
Health and Safety Form Responses

Including this H&S form excludes risks of technicians on site underestimating any risks that may occur on the field, as well as confirm technician’s certifications for the required job.

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