About Us

Shepherd began as the Fin-Tek Groups IT department. Fin-Tek moved to NetSuite in 2001 making it one of NetSuite’s longest clients. Fin-Tek made the move to NetSuite because it understood that NetSuite would enable it to eliminate 5 programs that did not communicate with one another in favor of a comprehensive cloud solution that required no integration at all. Moving to cloud software so early enabled Fin-Tek to build global network of office in Taiwan, Estonia, England and the United States.

Until Apple released the iPhone and NetSuite launched the SuiteAp, however, Fin-Tek had no way to push NetSuite to the plant floor or the field and continued to manage its service department in Excel. After those two events, Fin-Tek began building native field service and maintenance management into NetSuite with no intention of releasing it for sale. After several years of significant investment and in particular investment targeted towards satisfying Thames Water’s maintenance and H&S reporting requirements, Fin-Tek decided to spin off its IT department as its own business in 2013. Shepherd has been Built for NetSuite Native since then.

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