A word of thanks to the Suite Development Network

Published on November 3, 2021

Though Shepherd did not have its first go-live until 2017, Shepherd has been a licensed native member of the Suite Development Network (SDN) since the second half of 2013.  The native license means that Shepherd is wholly native to NetSuite and relies on no integrations for its communication.  NetSuite offers two other types of licenses: Integrated and Hybrid.  The integrated license applies to those apps that communicate with NetSuite via an integration.  Such implementations will see your data living in at least two places: your NetSuite database and wherever the integrated application stores its data.  As the name implies, hybrid applications have functionality that falls under both the native and the integrated categories.

SDN membership as a proof of quality

Membership in the Suite Developer Network is exclusive.  To its credit, NetSuite does curate membership in order to ensure that the SDN badge also constitutes a mark of quality.  In order to remain an SDN partner, all SDN applications must renew their license twice per year.  NetSuite requires full testing of the application in a leading account to verify that the application will remain compatible with the subsequent release of NetSuite.  NetSuite typically requires this testing over 4 weeks prior to pushing out its twice annual new release.

Shepherd sales staff will mention our membership with the SDN and explain its significance in their first sales call with a new prospect.  Shepherd holds in esteem all other SDN members and has considered SDN membership alone prestigious.  For that reason, Shepherd is both surprised and flattered to have received recognition at Oracle NetSuite SuiteWorld as the 2021 SuiteCloud International Partner of the Year.

Shepherd CMMS wins 2021 Oracle Netsuite SuiteCloud International Partner of the Year

A pledge to continued customer service

Recognition and results are different things indeed.  Shepherd will always chase results and does not strive to win recognition.  It is not how we think about product or delivery.  To have received such important recognition from within such an elite group, is, we must admit, rewarding.  Shepherd has achieved impressive growth and delivery maturity over the last two years and has every intention to continue doing so.  We would like to take this moment to thank all SDN staff at NetSuite for the award and to recognize all other SDN partners for the superior SuiteApp ecosystem that they have created.

Thank you.

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