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Shepherd is the 100% Native NetSuite solution for Maintenance Management. We manage maintenance within a wide range of industries and are proud to have many of the world's largest water utilities, mining operations, power plants, boiler and printing operations in the US, South America, Asia, & Europe on our client list.

Learn how Shepherd leverages core Netsuite functionality to simplify maintenance and field service management within your organization.

Built for Oracle Netsuite - Native SuiteApp
You want ONE version of the truth?

Shepherd CMMS is the most comprehensive SuiteApp for Field Service and Maintenance Management.

At Shepherd we stress that we are native but why is that so important to your business? Being Native means that Shepherd is purpose-built for and runs on the same platform as your preferred ERP - NetSuite.

Native to NetSuite means:

  • no integration needed between different platforms or systems
  • no synchronization needed to stay up to date
  • no complex implementation 

It just works and synchronizes immediately. 

Shepherd CMMS - Mobile App
October 18–21, 2021

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Shepherd CMMS leverages NetSuite CRM, sales, inventory and financials, creating a unique platform for service-oriented businesses.​

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