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common health and safety problems


  • When H&S managers are not present technicians bend or circumvent H&S controls.
  • We now impose cloud-based H&S controls on all teams at all times whether manager are present or not.


  • H&S controls can always vary from one team and from one site to another.
  • Centralize H&S management means that safeguards are the same under all circumstances.


  • Technical staff don’t own their own HS&W
  • Make your team accountable for their own H&S by signing off on it.

Rubber Stamp

  • Daily RAMS review – is so simple that technicians can complete it “eyes closed”.
  • Service-specific RAMS quizzes with randomised questions ensure tech awareness, comprehension and competence.


  • It’s difficult to manage, error-prone, and hard or sometimes impossible to retrieve for investigation or litigation.
  • Cloud-based systems makes for uniform RAMS management, versioning, permanent storage and accountability.


  • Managing certifications, training and TWOSA expiration is onerous even in small and medium sized organisations.
  • Catalog credentials and Alert managers to TWOSA, RAMS and safety certification expiration in advance.


  • Achilles compliance is likely to force many vendors out of the market raising costs.
  • Cloud solutions enable many firms to share development costs and stay compliant on the market.


  • All of the above increases risk of injury, equipment downtime and legal exposure.
  • Individuals who own their H&S cause fewer accidents & lawsuits as well as less downtime.
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Shepherd CMMS is the most comprehensive SuiteApp for Maintenance Management.
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Shepherd CMMS
Health, Safety and
Wellness Features

General Advantages

  • Enforces/automates HS&W compliance
  • Prevents critical errors
  • Holds Technicians Legally Accountable
  • Automates Processes & simplifies administration
  • Comprehensive Analytics and Alerts
  • Full Audit, Archival Review Capability
  • Enables any Vendor to easily deal with HS&W
  • HS&W is tightly integrated with CMMS/ERP

Daily HS&W Reviews and Debriefs

  • Standardize and Enforce
  • Manage & Track
  • Automate and Standardize
  • Conduct remotely
  • Archive results/legal record maintenance
  • Automated work approval/stoppage notifications to all stakeholders


  • HS&W Internal training records management
  • HS&W-related management reports and analytics

management with
proactive renewal alerts

Enforce, track and manage critical HS&W validity/expiration with proactive alerts

  • RAMS and TWOSA maintenance/certification
  • Staff H&S certification, blue cards, CPS1…
  • Tools management and maintenance/certification
  • Safety Gear/PPE maintenance/certification
  • Vendor authorization

HS&W tightly integrated with CMMS functionality

  • HS&W validation for CMMS Service Dates
  • Valid RAMS & TWOSA (not expired)
  • Vendor authorizations
  • Maintained/Certified PPE and Tools
  • Techs carry customer-required paperwork
  • Technicians must pass HS&W review
  • Automated notification of clearance or work stoppage for CMMS service
  • Near miss recording and notification


Shepherd CMMS is the most comprehensive SuiteApp for Maintenance Management. Discover how we can help improve your health and safety process. 

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